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The Process

If you want to learn more about protecting you and your family, we can help.  We provide several different places to get started, depending on your current comfort and knowledge level.

Learn More: If you are just getting started, review the items in the Start Here dropdown menu.  Learn more about what is in an Estate Plan by clicking on the Estate-Planning-Check-Up button below.  Find out more about our firm by clicking on our Client Welcome Book.  And to learn more about estate planning review our library of Articles.

Attend a Workshop: This is the best way to learn more about how we work with our clients to protect their families and their wealth.  You’ll get to hear more about estate planning while also getting to know us a bit too.  All of our workshops are free to attend.  Find an up coming workshop by clicking here

Schedule a Client Orientation Meeting: This is generally a thirty minute educational meeting to discuss your goals and available planning scenarios. Click here to schedule an appointment.

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To do your own checkup and to see how current your estate plan is, click on the button below.