Trustee Services

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    When You Want a Professional to Help

 Why Professional Trustee Services?

In a perfect world, we would all have trustworthy family willing to serve as successor trustees for the beneficiaries of our trust.  Unfortunately, circumstances may arise which require you to use professional trustee services for your trust.  For Trustee Services | Estate Planning Attorney | Probateexample, your family and friends may be unwilling or unable to serve as trustee due to health or family complications.  You may wish to keep the contents and terms of your trust private from family and friends, or the terms of your trust may be too complicated for an untrained trustee.  There are many reasons why you may want or need to use professional trustee services.

We believe families should have an option in selecting professional trustee services to help administer and protect inheritances, beyond just a big bank with little personal interactions. We help you and your family maintain control and provides the greatest amount of flexibility in administering your trust.

We Serve As:

Trustee – Hired by you or the family directly, by the trust protector, by a resigning trustee, or by the trustee of the intermediary administrative trust.

  • Co-Trustee – Serving along with a family member or institution to share decisions or other trust administration tasks.
  • Insurance Trustee– Including for Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (“ILITs”) with premium-financed policies.
  • Successor Trustee– Serving as backup for the present trustee
  • Trust Protector and other Fiduciary Roles– Serving in a variety of fiduciary positions, such as: Holder of a power of attorney; Trust protector; Distribution trust advisor and other directed fiduciaries.
  • Special Needs Trust Administrator– Protecting the more vulnerable with customized attention to setting up and administering a special needs trust.
  • Charitable Trustee – Often Charitable Remainder Trusts (“CRTs”) and other charitable trusts can use our independent, impartial administration to better manage the natural tension between the family and the charity.
  • Trustee for Special Assets– Whether it’s the shares of the family business, art, collectibles or other unique assets, we can provide for the administration of these types of assets.

How We WorkEstate Administration | Trust Settlement | Estate Planning Attorney

  • We help implement the intentions of the trust for family harmony,
  • We clarify the trustee’s interpretation of key parts of the trust,
  • We establish budgets and set up communication systems,
  • We collaborate with the other professional advisors,
  • We work to align the expectations of the family.

What We Do

Our trustee services are designed to help you and your family achieve a smooth transition.  You’ll be confident that your instructions will be carried out as intended, both during disability and after your death.  Your trust may require the use of professional trustee services for the entire term of the trust.  However, in some cases you may allow the beneficiaries to replace the professional trustee.

Just Trustee Services – No Conflict of Interest

Some corporate or professional trustees are in the business of money and investment management. Some charge trust clients retail prices for ancillary financial services, in effect making profits on both sides of every transaction.

Our compensation comes solely from serving as trustee. No commissions, no kickbacks, no incentives to make or not make distributions. We focus on what the trust document says and what your family needs. Period.