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We Protect Your Rights

  Estate Planning

We believe estate planning is a process, not just a set of documents. Whether you are without an estate plan, have an existing plan that has not been reviewed in a while, or have other estate planning needs, we can help.

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  Business Planning

Our office helps you from start to finish. Whether you are in the early stages forming a new business or looking to exit, we are here for you.

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PROActive Elder Law / Long-Term Care and Medicaid Planning

PROActive Elder Law focuses on a Process, with strong relationships between the client, law firm, family, advisors, and care coordinator to help support you throughout the aging process.  This includes both long-term care planning and Medicaid planning.

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Professional Trustee Services

In a perfect world, we would all have trustworthy family willing to serve as successor trustees for the beneficiaries of our trust.  Unfortunately, circumstances may arise which require you to use professional trustee services for your trust.

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 Trust and Estate Administration

Our trust and estate administration services help to ease administration at your death or disability for your loved ones. We counsel, settle, and administer your estate plan with the family according to your wishes.

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  Advanced Estate Planning

With the ever changing legal and tax environment it can be difficult to know when advanced estate planning is needed.  It is common to think that only the very wealthy need advanced estate planning, but that is not correct.  There are many reasons, other than great wealth, that might require advanced planning.

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