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Whether you get together with your dad in person, virtually, or catch up with him over the phone, part of your conversation can be centered around making sure he is protected. Checking on whether dad has an estate plan or if his estate plan is current is an easy way to start the process of […]
Throughout our lives we may look to our moms as caregivers and support systems, someone we can turn to even when we ourselves are adults. But who takes care of mom when she can no longer care for herself?  Making sure we and our loved ones have a plan in place before something happens is […]
By Matthew A. Ferri, Esq. As we continue the holiday season, and are in the spirit of gratitude, let’s consider gifts we give at year end. Some gifts can be given tax-free and knowing the applicable gift tax exemptions before you give to loved ones and charities can be beneficial. Each year the IRS recognizes a […]
It is estimated that over 55 million Americans will kick off the holiday season by traveling to a family member’s or on a getaway this Thanksgiving.[1] Holidays are a great time to see loved ones and learn about what everyone has been doing. And, with the hecticness it may seem easier to put off topics […]
Car accidents have unfortunately become a common occurrence. According to Michigan State Police, there were 312,798 car accidents in 2018, which resulted in over 75,000 people being injured[1]. These injuries can lead to emergency room visits, extended hospitalizations, physical therapy, missed work, and they can also wreak havoc on your accounts and assets if you […]
October is Financial Planning Month, a time to check in on any financial goals you may have made this year. Maybe your goal was focusing on becoming more fiscally responsible, maybe you wanted to save for a big purchase or vacation. Or, perhaps it was looking at ways you could plan for your future, your […]
Estate planning may be something you only associate with older adults – those with families that span multiple generations, retirees who have accumulated wealth from work and various retirement and investment plans, or elderly individuals who require assistance through at-home care or nursing homes. But estate planning can be beneficial to young adults as well. […]
Using Joint Accounts By Matthew A. Ferri, Esq. Do you own joint accounts or property as joint tenants? Have you considered the planning pitfalls of this way of owning property? Ownership as joint tenants (which includes joint bank accounts) is so pervasive in our society that we never look at its downsides. What Is Joint Tenancy? […]
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