Financial Planning Month

Oct 4, 2019 lifefocusplanning-admin

October is Financial Planning Month, a time to check in on any financial goals you may have made this year. Maybe your goal was focusing on becoming more fiscally responsible, maybe you wanted to save for a big purchase or vacation. Or, perhaps it was looking at ways you could plan for your future, your retirement, and your family’s future.

Another way to plan for your future and your retirement is through estate planning. Our method of estate planning focuses on how our clients can remain in control throughout the various stages of life. That’s why our definition of estate planning is:

I Want to Control My Property While I’m Alive and Well

To Plan for Me and My Loved Ones if I Become Disabled

Then Give What I Have:

  • To Whom I Want
  • When I Want
  • The Way I Want

All While Assuring My Wisdom is Transferred Along with the Rest of My Wealth.

By proactively discussing what is to happen if you are unable to make decisions for finances and health care, you can start to put a plan in place and take control of the situation before you lose control.

For achieving an estate plan that works, it is essential that your advisors and attorneys work together. This partnership ensures that your assets are properly included in your estate plan. Funding the estate plan is a crucial step in planning. By funding, we mean, transferring your assets into to the name of your trust and designating beneficiaries on accounts and policies. Taking this step, you’re ensuring you remain in control over your assets. Without this collaboration your wishes and instructions will not be met. 

Just like any plan you make, once it is in place, it is important to review the plan regularly and make sure it continues to be accurate. That way, your spouse, children, loved ones or the charities you want to pass your assets on to are benefitting in the way you intended.

To discuss our estate planning method and how it can benefit you, please contact our office at (248) 409-0256. We offer a free initial consultation to learn more about our process.

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