Nash: Chief Security Officer

Place of Birth: Arizona
Breed: Miniature Australian Shepherd or Miniature American Shepherd
Fun Facts: He has two different colored eyes and has been to 44 states and Canada!

The finest employee who takes his job of security to heart, Nash alerts all to the impending danger of deliveries or outside animals. He was a gift from a National Network colleague in Arizona. He is a registered therapy dog and has achieved his AKC Canine and Community Good Citizen awards. Nash is thoughtful but elusive and prefers to keep to his pack. In his spare time, he can be found running dog agility or looking out the window.


Zoe: Chief Morale Officer

Place of Birth: Zanesville, OH
Breed: All American or Mostly Maltese
Fun Facts: Loves car rides and crabbing

Zoe was rescued from the Animal Shelter Society Inc. in Zanesville, Ohio, and likes to lead the pack despite her size. She is also a registered therapy dog and has achieved her AKC Canine and Community Good Citizen awards. Zoe is outgoing, cuddly and enjoys napping on the top of the sofa. In her spare time, she also competes in the sport of agility, but would prefer to competitively eat.


Fly: Chief Fitness Officer

Place of Birth: Waltonville, IL
Breed: Border Collie
Fun Facts: Her dad is from Belgium

Fly recently joined the pack to keep everyone on his or her toes. She leads the group in playtime, walks and training sessions. Just looking at her tires out Nash and Zoe who easily walk under her to escape her energetic advances. Fly is enthusiastic, sweet and thinks she is a lap dog (thanks Zoe). In her spare time, she is in training and one day hopes to compete in many dog sport arenas.


In Memoriam – Annie: Chief Canine Officer

Place of Birth: Jackson, MI
Breed: All American or Shih-Tzu Maltese Mix
Fun Facts: Dog crate escape artist, counter surfer and avid Tigers fan

Annie was the office greeter and sometimes the first face clients saw. She was rescued from the Cascades Humane Society in Jackson, Michigan. Annie was friendly, good with kids and loved SportsCenter. She hated thunderstorms, fireworks and being woken up from naps. When she was not providing companionship, she could be found napping and participating in dog charity walks.

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