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Life Care Planning

Life Care Planning is a way to respond to the long-term care challenges created by a long life, long-term illness, or a disability. A Life Care Plan spells out how the team at LifeFocus Planning® will help you get the best possible care for yourself or a loved one in the least restrictive environment. All while preserving the family’s wealth, independence, and dignity. By combining asset protection, public and private benefit access and qualification, long-term care coordination, nursing home advocacy, and crisis intervention services into a convenient package, a Life Care Plan is the ultimate protection for elders and those who love them.

Life Care Planning Goals and Long-term Care Planning

The Three Principal Goals of Your Customized LIFE CARE PLAN Include:

1. Appropriate Long-Term Care:

A Life Care Plan addresses the caregiving challenges that most families bear in silence. Our Plans include:

  • Care assessments and referrals,
  • Assistance locating and coordinating in-home help and services,
  • Crisis intervention,
  • Family education and decision-making support, and
  • Elder law and advocacy services to protect the elder’s right to safe and effective care in every long-term setting.

2. Asset Protection Solutions for Long-Term Care and Medicaid:

A Life Care Plan helps you resolve the legal and financial problems associated with the high cost of long-term care, such as asset protection and benefit qualification. Our Plan includes:

  • Elder law services such as wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and advanced directives,
  • Medicaid qualification,
  • VA benefit qualification, and
  • Asset protection, and strategies to pay for long-term care.

3. Peace of Mind:

Our goal is to provide you peace of mind as the trusted guide for you and your family. You will know that your loved one is well cared for with LifeFocus Planning at your side.

We are dedicated to being the trusted guide for our clients and their families on life’s journey. Our dedication is to protecting our clients, serving aging seniors and people with special needs, and empowering those who love and care for them. Our life goal is to helping families develop a plan that focuses on living, rather than dying; a plan that focuses on protection of dignity, legacy, independence, and family.

We pledge to give our clients the power to be informed individuals, to give them the options the law affords, and to help them achieve all the benefits the law guarantees and offers. We will do so in strict accordance with the law and with the highest moral and ethical standards.

Our goal is to have a lifelong relationship with our clients and their families.

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