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As caregivers, we are entrusted not only with the physical and emotional well-being of our loved ones but also with preserving their legacies and honoring their wishes for the future. Legacy planning goes beyond financial considerations; it encompasses the preservation of memories, values, and family history for generations to come. In this blog, we delve […]
Legacy Planning By Matthew A. Ferri, Esq. Legacy planning involves passing down values, wisdom, or experiences throughout your life. This is similar to estate planning, where it focuses on your assets, such as who inherits, when they inherit and how to best protect yourself and your family. Legacy planning, on the other hand, focuses on the […]
Last week we looked at how you can leave lasting memories and lessons in your estate plan to help future generations. This week we’re delving into how you can share and experience thankfulness, even during a global pandemic.  Making it Possible to Come Together, Even from a Safe Distance:  We understand the holidays might look […]
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