Thank You to Our Clients

Nov 25, 2020 lifefocusplanning-admin

happy thanks giving

We would like to wrap up our season of gratitude by saying thank you. A big thank you to our clients for entrusting us with something as important as your estate plan. We are grateful for the opportunity to help you and your families plan for the future and protect what is important to you. We know the considerations that go into your plan can be difficult, and we appreciate you working with us to help make a plan that works for you. Additionally, we would like to thank you for your flexibility during these challenging times. You made it easier for our office to switch to Zoom or telephone meetings and a recorded annual meeting so we could keep everyone safe. 

We would also like to say thank you to our planning partners. The financial advisors, health care specialists, insurance agents, accountants, and other professionals who have provided guidance as we navigate the best paths for our clients. You have helped make sure we provide comprehensive planning to our clients. 

Our office is sending you all warm wishes this holiday season and in the coming year.

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